Married persons who submit an application, and who pay the Initiation fee, Membership dues and assessments, may become FAMILY MEMBERS. Each spouse shall be entitled to a voice in the Club’s affairs, to hold office in the Club and to vote with the general membership at the annual meeting, and such other meetings where the general membership is convened. The membership shall be listed in the name designated on the application, and only one membership number will be assigned. Under PARENTAL guidance, minor children of family members in good standing, are entitled to use the Club’s facilities, and may bring guests to the Club. Children cannot participate in, or vote at Club meetings, or hold membership on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, unless they are active members in their own right.


Unmarried persons, and married persons who desire this class of membership, who submit an application and pay the Initiation fee, Membership dues and assessments, may become REGULAR MEMBERS. Regular Members are entitled to all privileges accorded Family membership except they have only ONE VOTE.


Any sailboat owner with private dock access to the reservoir, who wishes Club membership not including boat storage privileges at the Club site, may apply for LAKE ASSOCIATE membership. Applicants shall pay the initiation fee, annual dues and assessments as established for this category. LAKE ASSOCIATES shall not be eligible to hold office or vote. Full status can be conferred upon payment of the differences in fees between LA status and the then current FM or RM status.


An active member (FM or RM) in good standing may become a SOCIAL MEMBER by formally relinquishing Club boating and sailing activities, and upon payment of dues established for this category. SOCIAL MEMBERS shall not be eligible to vote or hold office. “Active” restoration may be regained at any time, through the application and payment of dues and assessments for the year in which application is made. The SOCIAL MEMBER will retain their membership number. Not available to new members.


Is a special classification, enabling non-member sailors (of sailboats as defined and approved by the Club) to participate in the Club’s racing program. This is done by the purchase of a special one-year membership. No Club privileges or regatta fees are included. The Club reserves the right to refuse or terminate such participation for sufficient cause, including that of yacht or equipment deemed incompatible with the Club’s racing program or objectives. Race Fellows shall be eligible for Club trophies and may not keep their sailboats at the Club.


A member who is a student, and affiliated with the ECSC junior sailing program or an ECSC Board approved college team or club. Student members must pay a reduced membership through either monetary and/or work credit considerations. They shall not be eligible to hold office in the Club nor to vote in club affairs. Pre-collegiate Student members are subject to the rules and guidelines set forth by the Safety and Education Chairman. Collegiate student members are subject to the rules and guidelines set forth by their respective collegiate club board approved agreements with ECSC.