Welcome to White/Blue fleet!

Our White fleet is made up of boats that meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a keelboat with a cabin
  2. May or may not fly a spinnaker
  3. PHRF rating of 200 or greater

Our fleet is currently made of the following boats:

  • Catalina 22
  • O’Day 222
  • Hunter 23.5
  • Catalina 25
  • Seawind 26
  • Precision 23
  • S2 6.7, 6.9, 7.3
  • MacGregor 26
  • Lindberg 26

The White and Blue fleets are made up of the same types of boats.  The only difference is the skipper’s experience.  Blue fleet is reserved for those who are less experienced in racing and want a more friendly race experience.

We race on Wednesday nights and on Sundays at ECSC.  We don’t race the high-performance boats, but we sure give them a run for their money on corrected time!