ECSC is host to Fleet #131, J/24 USA District 12.

There are around 14  J/24’s in the ECSC fleet.  Our J24s have competed in Chicago Il, Sandusky OH, Columbia SC and other great venues through out the midwest. They can be also found racing in  our regular Wednesday Night series. Some of our J24s are listed below. Check out our facebook page.

  • USA 1244 BEERRUN  Charlie Brehob
  • USA 1745 Sublime Perry Cameron
  • USA 1473 Quixotic Scott Douglas
  • CHUTZPAH Jennifer Eastridge
  • USA 2607 ɔᴉuɐd ʇ,uop Richard Graef
  • Absolut Mike Grey
  • USA 2783 Spontaneous Combustion Bob Hickok
  • Green Hornet Jason Hubbard
  • Make Her Wink  Brad Kelley
  • USA 3329 Fun Police Eileen Leonard
  • USA 4146 Dutch Mob Nan Schulze
  • USA 4305 Jan Wishart