Eagle Creek Sailing Club Telltales

November/December 2023

EJ Williams

Upcoming Events
Oct 6/7 Hornback Regatta
Oct 6 Chili Cookoff
Oct 20 Fall Awards
Oct 31 Halloween
Nov 3 Final Bash
Nov 3 Drop Daylight Savings

This has been a strange year. We had water in the reservoir and then we did not, and now we do. We had nice spring weather and then came the tremendous heat. Finally, Mother Nature has been good to us this fall. It’s not too late to get out on the water and enjoy the great fall winds and observe the leaves changing colors. We have one regatta left and let’s not forget the Chili Cookoff. Get out and enjoy your Club.

Our Club is run by 24 board members. Can you imagine 24 people agreeing on anything? Board members have differences on decisions that affect our Club. However, we all agree on our desire to make this Club the best possible. Board members have donated countless hours to make this the best Club around. My hat is off to each and every member for their dedicated service to our Club. Thank you!

Club Stats
Memberships 241
Slip Waiting List 0
Wet Slips 166 plus 10 temp
Water Level 788.12 (790 Normal)
Lake Acreage 1,360 Total (850 south end)

The Final Bash is going to be at the Caribbean Cove on November 3rd. This is the place of the old Holiday Inn on 421 and 465. There will be great music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. There will be room for dancing and socializing. Please mark your calendars now and plan on attending. More info later.

The new board will have a lot of young faces. I am so happy to see our young people getting involved. They are the future of our Club. Give them all the support that you can.
See you on the water this fall!!!!!

Chauncey Olin
Joy Gilmor

I want to thank our Labor Day Cookout Social Crew, Kenney Chapman, Jane Schmidt, Tony Rice, and Vicky Greenough. They all contributed tremendously. I sincerely appreciate their effort in making it a success.

Right:   Labor Day Cooks Dr. Bob, Tony, and Anne. 

The next and last ECSC social event at the Club is the Hornback on October 6th. Jennifer Knapp and her crew will be throwing a Chili Tasters party. So all of you Chili gourmet cooks, please bring your Mexican / Chili brew for all of us to judge. I believe Jennifer will have some different prizes for us. Remember to bring your favorite Mexican / Chili side dish to share. Hope to see you there….

For those members who assisted in the 2012 Social Events through out this year who I may have forgotten, I truly appreciate all of your tremendous support and culinary knowledge.

The Final Bash will be hosted by our Commodore, RT Moore, on Saturday November 3rd at 6pm. He and his wife will be having it at the formerly Holiday INN at 465 & Michigan Road currently known as the Caribbean Cove. Our theme for this event is soft music of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. If you know our Commodore as I do, he is a romantic. He will have something special for the ladies. We are encouraging early reservations with money or check by Friday, October 26th. Our NOE (commonly known as our Notice Of Event) must post 30 days in advance. The NOE requires everyone participating must have their reservations in to RT Moore by the above time. No excuses accepted. We have to give them a good count.

Thank you….

John Kohne
Nancy Goff

Fellow ECSC Members

Trailers have been retrieved, boats have been pulled, and sails have been rolled and folded. Another great year at the Club has been tucked into bed along with cherished memories. Having Mondays and Wednesdays pass by without seeing friends at the Club is already starting to feel difficult despite the lingering feelings of a wonderful Final Bash at the Colts complex.

Attempting to deal with the ending of each passing season can best be addressed by focusing on the coming one. Your racing committee is doing this by planning winter-racing meetings that look at what was good and bad about last season and plan new improved activities for nest year. Getting us all together again throughout the winter will hopefully soften the loss of not seeing each other regularly at the Club.

We intend to first get the PRO and Race Committee together after Thanksgiving to critique this past year’s races and regattas…and to organize our recommendations for the racing program for the coming year. We are doing this with the thought of carrying this forward to the racing members in winter meetings in January, February, and March. Announcements about these meetings will be coming directly after we have some idea of the racing budget for next year.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones and we will be in touch with you soon about the details of our gatherings.

Michael Denny

Hello ECSC Members!

My name is Michael Denney and this is the very first Telltales article for the newly created Technology Chair. I am honored to have been chosen for this position by the commodore, EJ Williams, and I look forward to the responsibilities that come with this position. I have always loved volunteering and helping where I can and this new position fits my skills and abilities perfectly.

This is my second year on the board and Evan Williams has taken over the Publicity Chair this year. I will be working closely with Evan to ensure the availability of the Telltales and to assist with any technical needs that board members may have. If any club member needs assistance with technology, I am also personally available to help as much as I can.

Previously the Publicity Chair was also responsible for Technology although this was not clearly spelled out in the description of the position. Times are changing, and technology keeps advancing. It is my goal to help the Club keep pace with these changes. Separating Technology from Publicity will allow Publicity to focus on the responsibilities of that position while allowing me, as Technology Chair, to focus on the technical aspects of the Club.

My goal over the last year was to completely overhaul our website with a sleeker and more efficient version that is easier for everyone to use. Although I admittedly had a difficult time handling the responsibilities of Publicity as well as making these improvements. I am excited to have a more targeted scope of responsibilities which will allow me to make the improvements that the Club needs.

I am working hard already this winter on a new version of our website. This isn’t a minor undertaking and I expect the process to take at least a couple of months…although, I expect to have the new version live before the beginning of our next sailing season for 2024! The current version of the website will not be lost – and will be archived and available moving forward.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations for improvements you would like to see or features you would like added, I urge you to reach out to me at technology@ecsail.org. The website is for all members of the Club. Your opinions and suggestions are incredibly valuable to me.

Jane Schmidt
Bob Hickok

A big welcome to three new members:

Mike and MarKay Burkhart from Greenwood, sailing a Starwind 19. Mike is a semi-retired IPS teacher and MarKay is a Global Patient Safety Consultant with Eli Lilly.

Right:   Is that our Club at the end…or Rick’s (or both)?  

Ken and Linda Ferries of Kokomo, sailing a Hunter 23.5. Ken is a professor at Ivy Tech and Linda is in Public Relations at Delphi Automotive.

Daniel and Sherry Osborn from Indianapolis, sailing a Hunter 23 as well as a San Juan 21. Daniel is retired and Sherry is Controller at First Franklin Properties.

Joe and Marlyse Burton with two children, Princess and Thomas.

This brings are total membership to 241 which favorably compares to 238 at this time in 2011 and 232 in 2010.

The 2013 Dues and Fees Statements will be mailed the end of January and will be due on 2/28/13 . Let me know if you will be at another address at that time or if you have had an address change since last January. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me at 575-9837 or ecsc_membership@yahoo.com.

Dues that are postmarked March 1st or later are considered late. This is an important date for wet -slip owners and members on the wet-slip wait list. Wet slip owners who miss the February 28th date risk losing their slip and being placed at the bottom of the wait list. The same applies to members on the wait list. Please don’t be late!

  Right:   Uh…Starboard!!  

Do remember to make reservations to come to our Final Bash (dress up affair) which will be Saturday evening, November 3rd. Our Commodore, Tom Moore and his wife Carolyn, will be hosting this party so it should be something special. Check this TellTales for further details and/or contact our social chairman, Chauncey Olin, at 502-8080.

Here’s to good sailing in October and will see you at the Final Bash!!

Hornback Regatta
Rich Fox

Next weekend is our annual Hornback Regatta…a pursuit regatta where the fast start last, and where the slower boats may grin.

This is an Eagle Creek Sailing Club only regatta…non-members are not eligible to participate as skipper (take the helm) of a boat, but may crew.

Right:   More Governor’s Cup Regatta Racers  

There is no entry fee.

The NOR and Sailing Instructions are on the website.

If you plan to race a boat with an adjusted PHRF rating higher than 300 or less than 72, please notify me (via e-mail) before Thursday, October 4th so that your start times can be calculated prior to the event. Otherwise, boats with an adjusted PHRF rating less than 72 may be assigned 72 as their assigned PHRF number, and boats with a adjusted PHRF rating greater than 300 may be assigned 300 as their assigned PHRF number for this event. There may not be time on Saturday to re-calculate and assign PHRF numbers that are outside of the 72 to 300 range.

Sailboats, Inc.
Eileen Leonard
Charlie Brehob


ISC Keelover Regatta
Rich Fox


Evan Williams

How It Works

Nominations for the 8 board positions being vacated this year were made at the September Board meeting. Voting by the membership will take place at The Bash to fill those positions. If you can’t make the Bash, contact Dave Fort for an Absentee Ballot.

Time To Move On
I started doing Publicity for the Club in early 1997. That position’s name is actually a rather misnomer…it should really be better called Club Communications. Our Club has always shied away from publicity seeing we’re almost always bursting at the seams with membership. We usually do not want the publicity and draw more members that we can’t handle.

The Publicity position really just does the Club newsletter (The Telltales).

In the 16 years I’ve been handling Publicity, here are some of the improvements made for the Club:

1. Obtained newsletter articles via E-Mail rather than floppies through the mail.
2. Created a website for the Club.
3. Moved the monthly newsletter to the website rather than mailed paper.
4. Added pictures to the newsletter.
5. Helped add wireless Internet at our Club.
6. Instituted an E-Mail blast system for more immediate Club communications.

It’s now time to go back to enjoying sailing and reconnecting with my friends in the Club.

Right:   Governor’s Cup Regatta Racers  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my mentor for this position as well as my stint as Commodore…Bill Harrington. His invaluable insight into our Club operations helped me plenty in handling the required tasks. Bill is also currently the webmaster for our Club website.

2024 Board Meetings
December 5 TBD



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