May 15, 2023

Secretary – May 2023

The Board of Directors meeting dates and times are available the club's website calendar. If you want to be on the distribution list to receive a copy of the Minutes of the Board of Directors meetings, you may send your request by email to Minutes are not posted on the website. 


If you have an interest in serving on the Board of Directors when elections come around in November, you may always contact a current Director to let them know or send me an email identifying your interest. Please be sure to read Article III / Section 2 of the Bylaws. 


Rich Fox


June 24, 2022
ecsc sailing 2

Secretary June 2022

This is my continuing report to the membership about recent updates to the club's Bylaws and General Rules. Per the General Rules - "The club's rules are intended to promote a safe and enjoyable experience for all members." At the June 14th Board of Directors meeting, a new bullying policy was approved by the Board.  Members should know that if you bully a fellow member, affiliated person, or guest, you will be subject to immediate disciplinary action by the Board up to and possibly including immediate suspension or termination of membership.  This policy is intended to discourage and prevent bullying behavior whether verbally or on social media.  The Board's vote was unanimous on this topic.  The updated General Rules will be posted on the website within a few weeks. The next Board of Directors meeting will most likely be on Tuesday, September 13, 7pm, at the club's upper shelter. If you are interested in possibly serving on the Board of Directors and having your name on the 2022 election ballot, please contact any member of the Board of Directors (see club directory) before September 1st to let them know you are interested in being nominated. Rich Fox ECSC Secretary
May 15, 2022
spring work party 2022 collage

Secretary May 2022

At the April Board meeting, a new work-credit policy was approved. Members should know they may earn up to $200 in work credits (up from $150), that may be applied to the following year's annual dues and fees.  Standard work credits are based on $10 per hour of work. Also, the Board approved an update to the General Rules that members should be aware of.  Members with an assigned wet slip must have their boats in the wet slip and trailers in the upper trailer field by June 1st, unless other prior arrangements have been made with the Harbormaster.  The updated General Rules will be posted soon on the website. The next Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 14, 7:00 PM, at the upper shelter. If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors with your name on the 2022 election ballot, please contact any member of the Board of Directors before September 1st to let them know you are interested in being nominated. -Rich Fox
April 2, 2022

Secretary April 2022

In my last article, I shared with you the decision of the Board to apply a financial penalty to members who fail to place a membership decal on their boat and trailer by December 1. Please refer to the General Rules posted on the website to review this new rule. At the February meeting, the Board also approved an update to the Bylaws that the Chairperson of each Standing Committee, subject to review and approval of the Commodore, may appoint an Assistant. The exception is the Chairperson of the Racing Committee may appoint two Assistants – the second Assistant being responsible for scoring club races and regattas. For Committees that have a full plate of organized activities and work responsibilities, Assistants help the Committee Chairs perform a variety of duties. In many cases, an Assistant may also be groomed to become a future Committee Chair, although this is not required. Although every Committee may have one Assistant, if the expected activities and work responsibilities being pursued by a Committee do not justify filling the Assistant position, then the expectation is that an Assistant position will remain vacant. Thus, the policy includes review and approval by the Commodore. The Board also approved clarifying language in the Bylaws that Officers, Committee Chairs and Assistants shall be entitled to receive a waiver of current year’s membership dues. This is not new. However, it was necessary to clean up the language. At the upcoming April meeting, I am presenting a more thorough policy on work credits that has already been circulated for feedback to the Board. The proposed work credit policy will create five categories of work credits – standard, project-based, custom, professional-based, and leadership-based. If approved, the policy should then be available on the website.   Rich Fox ECSC Secretary
February 23, 2022
winter sailing

Secretary February 2022

In my role as club Secretary, I am going to report on Board business that really does not fall into any Officer or Committee areas on topics of which I think the membership should be made aware. The General Rules have been updated. Club members shall be fined the equivalent of the current year's winter storage fee if they fail to place their current ECSC membership decal on their boat and trailer by December 1st. The club doesn't really need the money. However, the Board finally said "enough is enough" with members who do not properly tag their boats and trailers. Missing membership decals requires more time and effort by the harbormaster and membership committees to figure out winter storage invoicing. We also know that members who do not place the membership decals on their boats and trailers are typically those whose boats and trailers are more likely to become derelict and abandoned. Now is also a good time to review the Derelict Boat & Trailer policy within the General Rules (click here) For most members, this policy is a non-issue. However, for the dozen or so members who continue to treat ECSC as a cheap parking place and dumping ground, either shape up or pay up as we want to make Eagle Creek Sailing Club an attractive and enjoyable facility for everybody to be proud of. The Board also approved a new Social Media policy - also posted in the General Rules. The last page of the General Rules includes a history of changes during the past year. In the next issue of Telltales, I will update you on the Bylaws. Rich Fox ECSC Secretary