May 15, 2023

Junior Sailing – May 2023

​Well, Boys and Girls:



Jr. Sailing Camp 2023


All three class weeks are fill up..


(But check back on the Web Page, there might be some late opens.)


The 8-12 age group filled up with-in 2 weeks. This year we were limited to 60 kids, we lost Two instructors this year due to moving and going to college. We require they pass the US Sailing Level 1's, Instructors course, CPR and Red Cross certificates. Those that pass the first time, will have US Sailing Level 1's fee's reimbursed. They can start at age 15, also must have Indiana Power Boat Permit.



Jr. Team News


Wayne's World : The weather man said, Cold and light wind both days.

Boy did he get it right, wind out of the south east...shift... south west.

Saturday's wind was predictable, a time shift!

When the wind comes across the dam, check your watch,

in about 2-3 minutes watch for the shift!

On to the race, we got in 5 races, 8-10 out of the south...

Reagan Lessick show her speed and knowledge of Eagle Ocean.

Olivia DeGrella was fast down wind, but her team mate Reagan did her job to finish 1st overall. Tony Hubbard finished 3rd. After 2 capsizes going up wind. Ralph Merriman pulled him out with in our 45 second time rescue duty. (cold water, NO wet suit)

Our hat is off to Kenny Chapman and Bob Hickock also.


Many Thanks to all the help you guys!




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ECSC Junior Sailing Team

March 31, 2023
ECSC racing sunset

Junior Program March 2023

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July 28, 2022
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Junior Program July 2022

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June 24, 2022

Junior Program June 2022

Message from Katie DeGrella, Junior Chair: The Juniors want to give a shout out to Kenny Chapman for saving the day at sailing camp last week by helping bring in an FJ that had taken on too much water. Thank you, Kenny! Olivia DeGrella and Matt Johnson raced at the North Cape Yacht Club Regatta in Michigan on June 18th. Olivia finished 11th overall and Matt finished strong in his first open water competition. Good Job to both of our Junior Sailors! Sailing Camp Week 1 was a success and a lot of fun for all! Week 2 of sailing camp is just finishing up and Week 3 is June 27- July 1. - Katie Message from Wayne Myers, Assistant Junior Chair: Hi Guys and Girls, The team just got back into town Sunday, after doing battle on the big water of Lake Erie (We can't teach racing on waves and chop on Eagle Ocean). Saturday racing was in NNW-N winds 13-16 at the North Cape Yacht Club. Our team has been welcomed to train at NCYC for a week or more for many years now. It's only 252 miles North from our club. NCYC is in the top 5 yacht clubs in the US. Next month, over 50 Flying Scotts will do battle there. On to racing. Olivia Degrella has learned the art of dancing in the Laser with radial rig. There are 9 Saturdays in the I-LYA Travelers Series this year. This past Saturday in race #3, Olivia finished 11th out of 31 boats…with a 5th and 6th place overall. This is a major step in her rise as the Top Girl for 2022 Junior Bay Week. She is in her 4.5 years with the ECSC Junior Team and is head instructor for our summer sailing camp this year (as well as last year). Matt Johnson, a rookie this year (they are a rookie until they finished their first race at Junior Bay Week). Qualification for Junior Bay Week is racing in two flat waters and two open waters. Matt has his two flat waters in, and NCYC was his first open-water event. His next is at Port Clinton (also on Lake Erie). After Port Clinton, the team makes the ferry ride to Put-In-Bay for a week of racing…Junior Bay Week. This is my 17th or 20th year going to Junior Bay. I go back to 2003 when Tyler Andrews won and again 2005…both on a Laser. The plan of the Junior Sailing Program has always been to teach kids how to complete in life…only doing it on the race course! - Wayne… I'm just the truck driver
May 15, 2022
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Junior Program May 2022

Juniors would like to recognize Perry Cameron for his contribution of his time, skill, and ultimately the creation of a completely electronic 2022 Sailing Camp Registration.  We would not have been able to do this without his generous contribution.  Perry, thank you so much, we are truly grateful! Juniors are preparing for 3 weeks of Sailing Camp in June.  We will be welcoming a total of 60 campers to join us at ECSC for summer sailing and a whole lot of fun.  We have 3 counselors returning from last year (Olivia, Dunkin, and Julia) and we are welcoming 2 new ones (Nick & Drew) to the team.  Also, Matt and Olivia are getting into shape for the 2022 racing season.
JUNIOR SAILING CAMP 2022 All three class-weeks are filled up! Week 1: June 6 – 10 (12 – 18 years old) Week 2: June 20 – 24 (8 – 12 years old) Week 3: June 27 – July 1 (8 – 12 years old) But, check the Web Page, there might be some late opens. The 8-12 age group filled up within 2 weeks. We lost three instructors due to moving and/or going to college.  We require all instructors pass the US Sailing Level 1 Course, Instructors course, CPR, and Red Cross certificates.  Those that pass the first time, will have US Sailing Level 1 fees reimbursed.  They start at age 15 and also must have an Indiana Power Boat Permit. JUNIOR TEAM NEWS Oliva DeGrella and Matt Johnson will be out practicing each weekend in the month of May on Eagle Ocean.  Our first I-LYA  Traveler Series is on June 11th at Buckeye YC (just South/East of Columbus, Ohio).  It's flat water with a real nice club house and restaurant. The team will leave June 10th mid-day, camp overnight,and sail up to 5 races on Saturday. Matt Johnson should be finishing his US Sailing Level 1 course this weekend. For more update news and pictures check us out on Facebook (click here) - this is a Public Group with over 160 members:  ECSC Junior Sailing Team Katie DeGrella                                 Wayne Myers Junior Program Chair                   Assistant Chair
April 2, 2022
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Junior Program April 2022

Registration for Summer Junior Sailing Camp is now open. Click here for more info.  Junior Sailing Camp Dates: Week 1: June 6 – 10 (12 – 18 years old) Week 2: June 20 – 24 (8 – 12 years old) Week 3: June 27 – July 1 (8 – 12 years old) Junior Sailing Update: The 2022 sailing season is just about here! First off, I would like to say "THANK YOU" to all the members that made a donation to ECSC Junior Team this year. You guys are the best! The $$ go to cover Gas, Camping and Major Jr. Events. Jr. Team Members 2022 I've been working out with our newest rookie, Matt Johnson (age 15),  who goes to Avon High School. This young man shows he has the will and the heart to be a champion. Olivia DeGrella, age 17, will graduate from high school this year (which is one year early for the smart lady).   This will be her 3rd year on the team so we are looking forward to some wins from her this year. Time will tell..... The Junior Sailing Camp registration opened up on March 30th. This fun camp involves learning to sail in small boats and getting to enjoy the fun of being on a lake. This year we are limited to 3 weeks and around 60 kids. New to the 8-12 year-old age group are Kayaks that we bought for this year.  This is the perfect size for younger kids. So don't wait! Sign up your sailor-to-be soon!  The spots will fill up FAST! Also I wish to thank Katie DeGrella for taking the lead on Junior Sailing Program. She is my right hand. Also thank you to Perry Cameron for working on the Jr. Camp web page. Other members I'd like to thank are Ralph Merriman, Jeremiah Johnson, Sue Tennant, Dennis Jr. and Dennis Robertson.   Wayne Myers & Katie DeGrella ECSC Junior Sailing
October 22, 2021
Junior sailing

Junior Program October 2021

The junior team is back at school! But, not before the Lake Lemon Regatta last month. Racing was Olivia DeGella, Matt Johnson, Reagan Lessick, and the old man. The week before on Saturday, Matt and Reagan were out practicing and I mentioned how fast she was. She hadn't been in the Laser for three years. You would think she would be a little slow. But, she went on to win 4 races! Olivia had a great day on Sunday winning a race. "I'm ready to cross the finish line and she came out of no where for the win." Great job, "Girls"!! Matt was having trouble finding speed and going the right direction, but he will learn how to dance with the boat with time. Sam Riley has moved back to Cape Cod to be with his grandmother for the winter. He has been on the team over 3 years. He won the I-LYA Traveler Series this year by 1 point before he left. But, "never say never." We just might see him back next summer. Time will tell.... I've been teaching kids racing for over 18 years on the water and in the classroom. ECSC has won its share of awards in the past...4 I-LYA Traveler Series, 5 Junior Bay week, 1 D-18 Laser Championship, 1 Junior Women's Backus Trophy National Championship and many others. We are small fish in the world of sailing. But we have heart, sole, and the will to win. Next year's team will be built around Olivia (17) and Matt (15), so I'm looking for the next 12-13 year old to join the team. We will start work outs, (climbing, ninja, and weight room) in March of next year. Practice on the water in April. So, if your boy or girl likes to be outside and on the water (and learn the art of sailing, racing, and having fun), look us up. I put Dennis Robertson, Jr. in for the "Sportsman For the Year" award. Hope he wins. I also added his name for the ECSC board of directors. He really did work his butt off this year and in the past 6 years at the Junior Summer Sailing Camp. And, he is so good with the kids. So please vote for him. I'm ready to step back and let my assistant, Katie DeGrella, take the helm as Chairwoman of the ECSC Junior Sailing Program. I will move back as her assistant in the program. This year she was the back bone and helped raise over $21,000 dollars for the club and the program to get the kids onto the water (over 94 kids). That's a record that will stand for a long time. Thank you, Katie, Olivia, and Dennis for all of the hard work! VOTE FOR: Katie DeGrella for the Board so she can be appointed Junior Sailing Chair 2022!! A note from Katie: I am Katie DeGrella and I am running for an ECSC Board Position in 2022. I am a parent of an ECSC Junior Sailor. My daughter, Olivia, has raced and worked at the ECSC Sailing Camp for the last three summers. This summer, I coordinated registration for the Sailing Camp. Both programs, Junior Racing and Sailing Camp, offer so much to children and teens. I would like to contribute to our club by helping to continue these awesome programs that our members (many junior sailing parents before me) have spent years developing. And, therefore giving more kids an opportunity to benefit. I believe that I could add value to the ECSC by serving as Junior Sailing Chair-person. But, either way, I look forward to assisting to organize and run the sailing camp again for summer of 2022. I, Wayne Myers, Junior Sailing Chair 2021, approve this message from Katie above! Ok, guys and girls, see you at the Final Bash November 6th! Wayne