Vice Commodore March 2023

EJ Williams / Vice Commodore / Ship Store

A big shout out to Michael Denney for taking over Publicity Chair starting this year.  I enjoyed putting together the Telltales and updating the website over the last 3 years, but I know that it is in good hands going forward with Michael (he’s more of a techie than I am!). 

As many of you know already, Rick Graef has tapped me to be Vice Commodore this year which, in turn, means that I get the reins to the ECSC kingdom come 2024.  I’m excited to learn from and work with Rick this year, and I will do my best to help the club thrive over the next two years.  

Top-of-mind items for me right now include:

1) Updating our front entrance gate.  Eagle Creek Parks seems to be onboard with the project. Next step is making a contact at DNR to get them onboard. 

2) Hosting the Alex Rust Regatta (ARR!) presented by Chasing Bubbles Foundation

This is on June 17th. More details to come. It will be a fun day of kayaking, paddle board races, and pursuit-style sailing races (like the Hornback)

3) Improving ECSC’s volunteering.  Looking at new forms of communicating volunteer opportunities.

4) Working with ECSC Officers on a new lease with the Parks Dept. This is going well. 

5) Continue Ki’s phenomenal efforts toward club beautification and grounds improvement. 

I wish I could attend the Spring Work Part on April 15th but I will be helping Purdue run their electric go-kart race that day.  So I hope to convince Bill to do a 2nd work party later that I’ll help run. 

See you guys soon!

EJ Williams

Vice Commodore