Harbormaster May 2021

Ecsc collage 2

Ecsc collage 2

As more boats go onto the water, we have more parking available. Please park your cars inside the car corral. Please do not park in front of
someone’s boat because you don’t understand that people need to get their boat in. So, with that said, get your boats out of the car corral and into your wet slip.

If you don’t plan on using your slip this year, please contact Dennis Robertson or me so we can help some new members get onto the water. As
of May 1st, you will get $77 less for your reimbursement for your unused slip. It goes down $77 per month, so don’t wait too long to help others out. Please respect other members of this club…your membership number means nothing to me no matter how low it is (unless you want a slip change).

Please understand, we are a group of people who love sailing…so don’t make it hard on others in our group.

I am going to make some motions at the board meeting. One is: If you don’t use your slip all year (unless sublet) you lose it. The second
is: If you keep more than one SAILBOAT out here, you will have to pay more dues for that second boat. I would like the board to come up with a number for a second boat stored all year on club property. Now, if you have a third or fourth boat, it should be an extra $400 dollars per boat…or more depending on the size and number of boats. This is up to the board of directors as far as how much members should pay for a number of boats on the property we rent from the city. This may not take effect until next year’s dues.

Please do not forget to pay your dues on time (before the end of February each year) or you may lose your slip and membership number.

Please respect all members.

Kenny Chapman