Membership February 2021

ECSC sailboat sunset

ECSC sailboat sunset

It is the busy time of year for Membership.  Everyday more renewal forms arrive to be processed, stickers stamped, and envelopes prepared for renewal kits.  The kits will be mailed at the beginning of March so look for them at that time.  Be sure to have your renewal forms postmarked by February 28th.  About half of you have already done so.

If you were subleasing a slip last year you still need to put yourself on the slip waiting list.  This is because until you own a slip you will get them as they become open, by lowest membership number first.  Some slip owners choose to sublease their slip late in the season only to reuse them again the next season.  For this reason, there is no guarantee that you will get a sub-lease again at the start of the season.  If you own a slip and wish to sublease or release your slip, please write your intention in the comments section.

If you own a Kayak and it is not listed as one of your boats, please write it in so I can send you a sticker for it.   All accessory watercraft such as Kayaks and paddleboards kept on the property must be registered with membership and stickered.  This applies even if you do not keep them on the racks.  Thanks, and have a great winter!

Perry Cameron

Membership Chair