Racing November 2020

ecsc trophies 2020

ecsc trophies 2020


I think we have to agree that this was a memorable year and one that will not be forgotten anytime soon…  I know a lot of you did not agree with our decision not to formally organize racing as a club function.  Many of you still took advantage of what was offered and we thank Rich Fox for making all of that possible.  I have said this many times, but our sailing program would not exist without everything that Rich does for us…..  Thank you, Rich Fox!!!

We were able to have two successful events this year: Governors Cup and the Hornback.  We thank Geoff Endris and Charlie Brehob for making these two events possible.

The Hot Chocolate Regatta was a great idea and I hope this becomes a new tradition..  we can thank our upcoming Racing Chair and his assistant for making this event possible.  What a great success it was!

Next year, I will be replaced by John Kohn and his assistant, Nancy Goff.  John has some great ideas to help make our race program even better, and he is excited about the opportunity to do so.  Nancy will be handling the social side of things, so we all know that means we are in for some special times next year….

I thank you all for letting me serve and I look forward to seeing you on the water in 2021….

Thanks again,

Marcus Rogers
Former Racing chair