Racing September 2020

Tom Nugent



We finally got two regattas in this year!!! The Indy 500 and the Governor’s Cup were very successful…… Thank you Rich Fox and Geoff Endris for running these two events!!!!

We have one last event, the Hornback which is on Oct. 10. This will be run by Charlie Brehob, and we thank him in advance for volunteering to take this on. How many boats will we have for this event? Let’s make this another huge success story!!!!

The new schedule will look like:
Hornback – Oct. 10

Just because we are not racing, does not mean you can’t be out sailing…. Get those boats in the water and practice!!! Practice, practice, and practice…… 😊 If I can be of assistance in anyway, just let me know.

Talk to you soon,
Marcus Rogers
Racing Chair