Harbormaster August 2020

Hello ECSC members,

Please remember to attach your new stickers to your boat and trailer. That way I know who you are and I can contact you if there are issues with your boat. Some of the issues might be: improper mooring, improper parking, overuse of the 48 hour docks, or your boat sinking. Current stickers on boat and trailer are a very important detail to club membership.

Another topic I would like to cover is boat storage. We are willing to allow members to store their well-used boats on this leased property but those members that have not used their boats in years are doing nothing but making it harder for all members to enjoy this club. Stickers with membership numbers are vital in this instance. We are not a storage facility for boats full of water, mold and mosquito nests. Some of these boats are becoming a health hazard and it may be time to get it off of the property.

The ramp project may start in October and if you are interested in helping the club by pulling your boat before that month it would be greatly appreciated. We will have to relocate the first 6 or 8 of the slips on A-dock as that dock access will be moved to the West by about 20 feet. If you are planning a vacation and were going to pull out before November then it might be good idea to pull out before October since this ramp project could get in the way.

The ramp will be closed during October when the project is underway.

Please make sure you have current stickers on boat and trailer.

Kenny Chapman