Harbormaster June 2020

Ahoy all Eagle Creekers.  I hope everyone is enjoying this unusual sailing season. The best part of being a member at this club is the fact it is the best stress reliever known to us all.

Many of you already have spring lines and many do not. If your boat is 22′ or less you may not need them. The best way to check your boat is to go to the bow of your boat, grab the bow pulpit and push your boat away from the dock then pull it back in. First and foremost, your pulpit should not come over the main dock ever, it is a walkway for your fellow members. Secondly, if your boat moves side to side you could very well damage your boat or your slip mate’s boat in stormy conditions. Our finger docks are only 24′ long so those of you with boats over 22′ long should consider buying some spring lines about 3′ longer than your boat. That would be 2 spring lines, only one does not work. Also, you are wrong if you think having a cleat in the middle of your boat and a line to your bow and stern dock cleats will save you some money. That configuration will only act as a pivot point. Like I wrote earlier, go to your bow and push and pull.

Another thing you should consider is running your lines from bow cleat to the stern dock cleat, and from the stern cleat to the bow dock cleat. This will keep your boat from touching the dock. There is a red J-24 on A dock (it is owned by Brad Kelley) and if you push on this boat it barely moves. This kind of tie-down will make your boat last forever.

Lastly, I have noticed many boats improperly moored. Most marinas will fine you for improper docking or lack of respect for their docks and slip mates. I really don’t want to start fining people or charging labor time and material for repairing docks. If you can spend $385 bucks to rent a slip from ECSC then you can surely afford to get some spring lines that will last for years. If any part of your boat hangs over the main dock then you are not showing any respect to fellow members and you can expect to hear from me. Like I wrote earlier, go to your bow and push and pull your boat.

Kenny Chapman




Greetings ECSC Sailors,

Well it’s beginning to look a little more like the club we all love again. I would like to say how much I miss so many of you that I haven’t seen this year. In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic we have added a hand washing station next to the porta-potties and added social distance signage reminders around club property. Our restrooms will finally open on June 13. In response to the club thefts we have added additional security cameras. We are asking that you lock the gate if leaving after 8:00 PM even if you are not the last one at the club. Thank you all for your efforts and support for keeping our club a safe and enjoyable experience.

Thank you,
Chuck Goff
Vice Commodore
Grounds Committee