Social May 2020

With spring finally here, we are all getting the itch to spend more time at the club, reuniting with fellow sailors, and participating in club functions. Unfortunately, our new friend, COVID, is causing us to take pause on our normal routines.

In an effort to assure the safety and wellbeing of our club members, Mother’s Day Brunch and Memorial Day events will be cancelled for May. We will continue to evaluate the situation and determine how to move forward with our social gatherings throughout the season. We will follow the recommendations of the CDC and monitor the effects of the virus on Indiana. Again, the safety and wellbeing of our club members are extremely important to us so we will move forward with every precaution necessary to ensure our members have a healthy sailing season.

As you gather at the club for some camaraderie, remember to practice the 6 foot social distancing guideline, wash or sanitize your hands, and try not to share your snacks unless you have a safe way to do so.

Vickie Greenough and Kate McMillan
Social Chair and Co-Chair