Publicity May 2020

Hi everyone!

I recently updated our website to include a “Leadership” page so everyone can see who is in charge of each committee.  You will also find the current Board Members serving our wonderful club.

ECSC Leadership:

My next goal is to update our records of previous regatta and award winners. Below is a list of  the different regattas we host and the awards we give out at the end of each year. The website has a few different pages right now with old records of these winners, but my goal is to make a nice & neat, one-stop-shop to see all the previous winners.  We have to give credit to all the hard work put into each award!

  • Boat of the Year
  • Rick Ahrbecker Sailor of the Year
  • Sportsman Award
  • Mayors Cup Regatta
  • Governors Cup Regatta
  • Indy 200 Laser Regatta
  • Flying Scott Regatta
  • ECSC Regatta (with Beach Party)
  • Hornback Regatta
  • Wednesday Night Series – Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Sunday Series – Spring, Summer, Fall

Also, I made an Instagram account for our club (see below link and handle).  I’m hoping to post regularly on here with good photos from around the club.  I’d be happy to post your photos, too, if you send them to me at  The two changing pictures on the front page of our website are actually random posts from this Instagram account.  So sending me photos could get them onto the front page of our website!


Hope to see everyone out on the water soon enough!

EJ Williams

Publicity Chair