Harbormaster May 2020

ECSC Canoes

Happy May to all sailors at the Eagle Creek Sailing Club. This virus has slowed down everything in our lives but things change and we usually make it through to the bright side no matter what.

I will be getting a new air compressor this weekend and making it easier to turn on the water for the pressure washer. Mostly, I would like ask all members to try and get their boats in the water as soon as possible so that we can start getting back to a normalized schedule. I know many have been sticking to the stay at home orders, and that is just fine, but you can spend an hour or so putting your boat in to alleviate some congestion at the club. The work lot is pretty much full so any boats that can go in should go in, and if you need to work on your boat then we can designate a place close to power and water.

Spring lines. Please use spring lines to keep your boat in position in your slip. I need to make this clear, it is not a good thing if your bow pulpit is hanging over the dock. People can bump into them as they are walking down the dock and get knocked into the water. Another thing I have seen are bows of boats getting chewed up by the docks in storms. Now, I would be sorry to see a boat get chewed up by the dock but I am more concerned with damage to our docks than the owner of the boat who doesn’t understand the idea of spring lines.

Also, all slip renters should be aware that any damage to your slip mate’s boat must be reconciled. If you are not very good at docking a boat then go out to one of our permanent marks and practice motoring into that mark like it was a slip. Do it at different angles and slow speeds. If you do not have insurance on your boat then you are going to have to pay full price for repairs to others boats or our docks.

Make sure your club stickers are in place on the Port side of your bow and visibly on your trailer. Getting your boat registered in Indiana is a good idea too.

Also most importantly if for some reason you are willing to give up your wet slip or just want to sublease it this year please let Jane Schmidt know and you will be reimbursed the $385 for slip rental.

Kenny Chapman