Publicity January 2020

Hi everyone!   A huge thank you to the outgoing Publicity Chair, Rick Graef, for his 3+ years working on the website, putting the Telltales together, and sharing important club information.

I’ll be your new Master-of-Email and Website Guru.  My hope is to improve upon the website and make it more useful for everyone to use, as well as re-format how the Telltales are published so they’re easier to read.  I’ll be sending out a questionnaire looking for feedback on this process.  I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts and ideas for how the website can be used and should be tweaked.

Also, I’d love to include more articles from general club members in the Telltales.  So if anyone wants to write a Letter to the Editor, please feel free to do so and email it to  No promises on every article getting published, but I’ll do my best.

One other neat item I’d like to bring up: the Purdue Sailing Club has become very active since the days I used to race with the team (2011-2015).  Now they’re practicing almost every Saturday and Sunday right here at ECSC.  I think that’s pretty great and will – hopefully – bring some young blood to the club.  If you see the students around, feel free to chat them up.  Maybe at some point we can include them in some social events.

Happy 2020,

EJ Williams, Publicity Chair

^Purdue Sailing Practice | October 2019