Membership May 2018

Welcome to new members Bobby and Helen Small of Indianapolis, sailing a Hunter 23.  They are former members who are now returning!!  This makes a total of 5 new members since 1/1/18.
Our first New Member Orientation will be on Sunday, June 24 1:00 in the upper shelter house.  This is a chance for new members to learn more about the club and ask any questions they may have.  Also a chance for any prospective members to come and learn.
The 2018 Membership Booklet is at the printers and will be mailed directly to you.  You should  receive it around May 11th.
Remember our AED unit is located on the front wall of the racing shed and is available at all times.  There are several good tutorials on online if you want to learn more about the use of an AED.  Our unit has a screen and voice instructions that walks you through the whole process and shows on the screen where electrodes are to be placed, etc.
Jane Schmidt and Christy Merriman