Publicity/Grounds Committee – March 2018


Improving Club Appearance

Things are coming together to get the club ready for the 2018 sailing season.  We’ve done a lot of work to clean up the club and make it more appealing and enjoyable to members and guests.

We have two new gas grills at the club.  One at the Race Shed and one at the lower shelter.  Feel free to make use of them as you enjoy a cookout with your family and guests.  We also have a charcoal grill at each location for you “traditionalists.”  Be sure to bring your own grilling utensils and as a courtesy to the next user, please clean the grill when you are done.  If you use the gas grill, please turn off the gas when you are done.

Last year, we replaced the picnic tables in the lower shelter.  We will continue to replace a few picnic tables each year, so we have good, sturdy tables at each location.

We removed all of the dead Ash trees from the property, trimmed back the brush along the outside edge of the property, and attacked the Poison Ivy / Poison Oak on the property.  We also removed the scrap metal and wood behind the Harbormaster’s Shed and lower Shelter. Thanks to Colin Leatherbury and his crew.

As you can see, we are making a concerted effort to “beautify” the club by throwing away old and broken equipment (i.e., chairs, tables, grills, etc.) and replacing them with new items.  Many of the replaced items were dropped off at the club by members who “donated” them in the hopes that someone at the club would find them useful.  That is a great sentiment, but we ask that you check with the Grounds Committee first to see if we need it and where to put it.

Upper Trailer Lot

The upper trailer lot has been cleared of brush and expanded a little to add a few more spaces for trailers.  We will mow the entire field the first week of April before we let people start storing their trailers.  If you have a trailer in the lot (and you should not!), please move it by March 31st so we can mow the field.

Spring Work Party

Our spring work party is coming up on Saturday March 31st.  We will meet at the Lower shelter at 8:30, where I’ll have coffee and donuts for workers.  We’ll also be serving lunch for the volunteers.  Rain date is April 7th.  I have several projects lined up, so keep the first couple of weekends open.  Projects on the list include:

·       Unstack the picnic tables in the upper shelter
·       Build 5 new picnic tables to replace the 5 worst ones on the property
·       Rake leaves
·       Paint the Kayak shed
·       Install new LED rope lighting on the upper shelter stairs
·       Re-install two posts in the parking lot near the Race Shed
·       Replacing worn dock boards
·       Install decorative rope between parking lot ropes
·       Replace worn steps on upper shelter stairs


You can see from the list that these projects will help make our club safer and more enjoyable.  You can see the list of jobs at this link: CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR ECSC GROUNDS WORK.  Please sign up for a job so I know how many are coming.  We need people to bring leaf blowers, tarps, rakes, portable saws, portable drills, ladders, shovels and other hand tools.

Don’t forget, you get valuable work credits for your efforts.  And if it is warm, you can get a start on preparing your boat for spring launch.

Anyone have a power post hole digger?

We have a special project to re-install two parking lot posts near the race shed.  If anyone has a power post hole auger that we can use, please let me know ASAP.   Once we get the posts re-installed, we will re-install the decorative rope around the corral.

Landscape Committee needs Volunteers


We are still in need of volunteers to help plant and maintain the flower beds and planters.  So far, I have one volunteer.  I am looking for 5-6 more to spread the workload out.  If you have a green thumb and want to help with the landscaping, please send me an email.  Note, you will get work credits for your work.


Grounds Committee Annual Property Walk

The grounds committee will be making its “property walk” on March 10th to make a list of all repair, maintenance and capital projects for the year.  This will undoubtedly increase the number of projects to be done, but it will make our club safer and more enjoyable for everyone.  Stay tuned.

Geoff Endris

Grounds Committee Chair