Social – April 2017


Our first event of the season is just around the corner!  In preparation for our 2017 sailing season, we did a deep clean on both the kitchen and the social shed!  We had an awesome team going through supplies and getting things inventoried and organized.  The refrigerators and freezers have been power washed and the mouse nests have been removed!

For club members convenience, I have placed some basic supplies, such as plates, napkins, plastic ware, etc…,in a tote just inside the door of the kitchen for members to use at their leisure.  I will continue to monitor supplies and keep it stocked.  I do ask that members refrain from rummaging through the other totes of supplies as I attempt to keep things stocked for our events.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at the Mother’s Day Brunch, hosted by Mike and Katie Smith.  If you wish to volunteer for a social event, please let me know.

Vickie Greenough