August Miscellaneous

A few reminders…

Raceway road is temporarily closed.

Note that Raceway Road south 46th street is closed for repairs. 

Please keep the docks looking neat.

Please remember to clean up your dock lines around your boat.  We don’t want members and/or guests tripping over docklines.  It also presents a nice environment to future members.

Those of you who bring dogs to the club

Please remember that according to club guidelines, all dogs must be on a leash and under the control of their owner while on club grounds.  The ECSC Board of Directors made this rule for several reasons.

  1. Your dog may be very friendly, but there are club members who don’t like dogs or are afraid of dogs.
  2. We have several members who are allergic to dog hair.  Letting your dog run free could subject them to an allergy attack.  Members can’t avoid dogs that are running free around the club.
  3. We have a number of small children at the club who may not know how to react around dogs.
  4. Sometimes free-running dogs get territorial and will act aggressively towards other dogs comming into their territory.  We don’t want to have any “dog fights.”
  5. It is very unsanitary to have dogs around open food. We have received complaints from a number of club members on this.  Please keep your dog away from any food serving areas during club social functions.  That means your dog should not be in the upper shelter while food is being served during social events.

The decision to allow dogs at the club was made to allow club members to bring their dogs out for a sail.  It was not inteded to turn the club into a dog park.  Let’s respect those who do not share your enthusiasm for dogs.  If you bring your dog out to the club, please keep it on a leash that is securely fastened to you.