Web site unleashed on unsuspecting ECSC members

Finally, after a lot of work and re-work, the new ECSC web site is live. 

You should have received an email with your login id and a separate one with your password.  Please log in as a member and take a look at the members-only content.  There is a video on the members-only page that shows how to use the member-only content.

The new site has something for everyone and lots of places to put new content.  Last count, we had over 100 pages of content!

We even have places for pictures.  Each Committee Head has a media gallery on the Committee’s main page.  The main media gallery has links to all Committee galleries.  Currently, only committee heads can post pictures.  So, get with your Committee Head and get some pictures posted.  Later on, we’ll work on letting everyone post pictures.  One step at a time…