June Projects Scheduled

Ahoy loyal Eagle Creekers, at this time we have rid ourselves of 4 abandoned boats with only ten to twelve to go. A big “Thank You” goes out to Dennis Robertson for all of his hard work getting these eyesores off of our property. It is a very lengthy legal process to track down the owners and get the boats removed. Dennis has a pretty good system defined and operational.

New Parking Lot Gravel (yea!)

For our big summer improvement project, we will be adding additional gravel to all parking areas. This will make the entire parking area look much nicer. We don’t do this very often as it is a huge undertaking and a huge expense, but it’s time. We will be laying new gravel throughout the month of June. Jack Hale will be on site moving stone and putting “make up” on the gravel so please be aware of his work.

We obviously cannot do the entire parking area at once because of the boats, so we have to do it in stages. This means we have to move some boats around – some of which haven’t been moved in a number of years. If you find your boat has been moved, don’t worry. We’ll put it back after the gravel has been placed.

That means you are going to see huge open areas where there used to be boats and/or trailers. Please do not rush in and put your boat/trailer there thinking you have snagged a “prime location.” If the area used to have boats and is now empty, that means it is an “improvement area” and we are going to do a “gravel drop” there soon, then put the boats back in their original locations. Keep in mind that we have assigned “dry” slips. If you cannot find an open place for your boat, please call me (Kenny Chapman) or Dennis Robertson and we will find you a place.

Some boat trailers have hitch locks on them. Be advised that at some point, we will have to move your boat/trailer. If you have a lock on your trailer, we will call you so you can either move your boat or remove the lock so that we can move the boat. We don’t want to cut locks off of trailers, but we do need to get this done and we need to move boats to do it. We can’t afford to hold up an area because a locked trailer is in the way and we can’t contact the owner. So, if you have a lock on your trailer, please contact us to work with us.

Other June Projects (work credits available)

We have some other projects scheduled for June. We will be building a new shed for Safety & Education, building a boat rack for the Purdue sailing club boats, and we have more docks that need repair. So, if you have some building skills and want to earn some work credits, please contact Dennis or me.

Volunteers make this club work, and we really appreciate everyone’s willingness to make the club look really nice. We should all be proud of our club. Please help keep it maintained by donating a Saturday to help with a work project.

Kenny & Dennis