Is it May or July?

What a strange spring it has been!  The weather in the beginning of May felt like the end of October, and the weather at the end of May feels like July.  The only thing that did seem normal was the ridiculously wonderful wind.  This was the first Mayor’s Cup since 2008 to have a substantial amount of wind, and I for one had a great time.

The new website is online and appears to be fully functional.  Geoff Endris has spent a great deal of time putting it in order.  It is unbelievable the amount of time and energy it takes to put something like this together.  If you see Geoff, please thank him for his efforts.  If you hate the new site then the complaint forms are located in the sharks mouth on the wall of the John Storer pavilion.    Most of the relevant content to the site has been added.  We do plan on adding additional members only content such as the old Telltales and Board minutes for historical purposes.

I am personally working on digitizing old copies of the Minutes.   I have only had time to finish up until 1973, but have already found several interesting things that I didn’t know.  For instance, the ECSC symbol you see accompanying this article was the original symbol of our club.  During the board meeting of March 22, 1973,  four insignias were presented before the board so that we could adopt an emblem that “would be easier to reproduce”.  Our current emblem offered by Lee Boschen was the one adopted.

Another interesting tidbit is that it was decided in April of 1972 that the new ECSC newsletter would be titled “Telltales”.  John Halstead took the lead on discussing the format and low cost advertising contained within.  In the spirit of the 100th Indy 500, I will share one last token of interest.  (ECSC Minutes, April 27, 1972) “May 28-29 is the first major regatta of the season, the “500 Regatta.” Two races will be held each day, and a $7.00 entry fee will be charged for non-members”.

ecsc logo1