Junior Summer Camp is filling up!

Junior Racing Schedule Update

Well, the Laser Regatta I mentioned last month got cancelled due to weather – too much wind (Gusts to 45 mph!).  So the juniors will now start their competitive season this year at Carlyle for the Junior Olympics on May 28-29. After that, it is pretty much every weekend all summer long!  We will do our best to update you on results as the season develops.  Again, you are always welcome to come and watch our junior sailors in action!

Junior Sailing Camp

ECSC Junior Sailing Camp is filling up nicely!  The week of June 20-24 is almost full with only a few spots left and the week of June 27-July 1 has about 10 spots left.  If you have been procrastinating about sending in your registration, now is the time to do so, since there aren’t many spots left.  Register here! Register here!

If you are going sailing for the first time of the season, remember to check these items:

  • Don’t forget to place your ECSC decal on the port side of your boat and trailer.
  • Does your boat have the proper state decals on it?
  • By law you must have one Personal Flotation Device for each person aboard PLUS a throw-able PFD.
  • Check the rigging and all lines for wear and replace as necessary.
  • Battery & lights working?
  • Need to replace that old battery? Please don’t leave the old one at the Club…take it with you.  The store you bought your new battery from will give you a credit for your old battery.
  • When was the last time your motor had a tune-up?

Sailing Instructions

Saturday morning introductory sailing instruction begins May 15th and is every Saturday at 11:00 am.