Old Man Winter is here

Here we are in the middle of old man winter, clinging to our hot cocoa and coffee. Some of us are working on our boats in garages, basements, or pole barns. Some are sitting next to the warm fire reading up on sailing tactics, or perhaps enjoying a novel or two. Still, others are in Florida with a beer in hand, riding that 20 degree heel, posting their triumphant photos on social media for the rest of us to envy.

No matter where you are, sailing is probably not far from your thoughts. At the behest of our Harbormaster, I decided to go check my boats to ensure that the poor girls would not feel abandoned. The club is an unbelievably quiet and surreal place this time of year. Still, I could not help but feel the magic. It is only appropriate that I mention here that spring is less than seven weeks away. Soon the baron trees will begin to sprout new leaves, the birds will return to sing their songs, and the rain will pitter patter almost daily. As the ice on the lake quickly recedes, the activity at the club will once again return. There is something special about that early spring feeling, the knowledge that soon there will be fair winds and following seas on Eagle Creek ocean. The feeling that you will soon regularly see all your beloved friends who share your passion for making circles around marks. Indeed, that liars table will soon be open for business!

In the meantime, it would be a great idea for everyone to heed the Harbormaster’s advice. Give the club a visit. Check out your boat and make sure that tarp hasn’t come off. Look around the club and make sure everything looks good.

You should have already received your dues statements. Please send them in as soon as possible to ensure you get your new keys in a timely manner. The locks club-wide will be changed in early March. We are also making a valiant effort to remove all abandoned boats from the premises. It would be of great assistance to us if everyone would not delay in affixing their ECSC stickers to their boat and trailers.

I hope to see you all soon at our club.