Don’t neglect your boat

Ahoy all members of ECSC.

Please be sure to check on your boat through out the Winter especially after snow or heavy rain. Tarped boats tend to cave in when loaded with snow or water sometimes defeating the purpose of the tarp.

With the large number of projects proposed for this year, Dennis and I are going to go old school and split up the jobs as “water-based” or “land-based.” Dennis has agreed to become the water-side Harbormaster and I will tend to the land-based projects. The Harbormaster’s duties according to the bylaws are basically all water-based, with the exception of maintaining parking for boats that are dry sailed. In the past the caretaker position always added his needed budget into the Harbormaster’s budget. This will be changed to separate budgets next year I promise.

The work party dates are quite simple: the last Saturday in March and the first Saturday in April. Dock maintenance tools, impact guns and saws will be needed for water-side activities. Land-side work will be some carpentry (rafters for the roof on the Kayak shed) and the usual club set up, clean up requiring rakes and firewood collecting equipment.

Further projects will be listed during these days and members will be able to sign up to work these projects on their own timelines. More tidbits in March.