2016 Racing season

Hello Fellow ECSC Racers, What a difference a year makes. A year ago we were fighting snow and ice…. This year we have all been entertained by photos of ECSC boats sailing up until Christmas!!!! Thanks El Nino.

We are currently finalizing the ECSC Racing schedule for 2016. A preliminary schedule can be found on our racing website at www.ecsail.org/racing . We will go into more details at our first race meeting of the year. This meeting is scheduled for Wednesday January 13th at 6:40 p.m. Place is TBD (I haven’t had a chance to check if DIVSYS is available because our past commodore has been AWOL in Park City, Utah). Remember these meetings are for any one interested in our racing program, regardless of experience.

The 14th through 17th of January is the Annual Strictly Sail Sailboat Show in Chicago. Make your way there if you can, there are lots of great presentations, boats and gear to be had. If you make it to the show, check out the gear at Line Honors Performance Sailing. Tell Bob you know me and he might just give you a special price (an additional 5% mark-up…)

Also any of you lucky dogs that get somewhere warm this winter on a sailboat, share a picture to our ECSC facebook page.

Sail Fast,