2016 Membership Changes

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone. Since our Last Tell Tales, we welcome another new member to our club – Lane Ely of Indianapolis sailing a Catalina 22. ECSC ends the year with 248 membership.

Christy Merriman will be the new Assistant Membership Chairman in 2016. I am looking forward to having her help. Bob Hickok has done a great job the last few years of fielding all inquiries regarding new memberships. He held three New Member Orientation sessions each year, met many new members at the club to show them around, did all the necessary paperwork involved when a new person joins our great club and did a great job in this capacity. Many thanks to Bob for all his hard work as Christy prepares along the same lines.

The ECSC Board made a decision at the last meeting to re-core all our locks and issue new keys to all members. So in the packet that you receive in February, you will have a new key marked with a ‘16’. This key will open the front gate, the ice machine and the power washer shed. There will be a place on the annual dues form for you to request any additional keys that you might want to the main gate or to any of the various storage sheds.

The annual dues statements will be mailed on 1/20/16. And as always, will be due on the last day of February, which this year is 2/29/16. It’s not too late to let me know if there’s been a change in your mailing address. Please send this information to membership@ecsail.org.